Teresa & Filippo - Naples, Italy

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Photography at weddings, not wedding photography!

You'd be surprised at how many wedding photographers take offence when I say I'm not a wedding photographer.

"But you are" they say.

"Why is being a wedding photographer such a bad thing" they say. 

It's not, it is what it is, but I'm not one of them. I'm a photographer that photographs weddings, and to me there is whole world of difference...........


Steven Yeun & Joana Pak - The Ace Hotel & Paramour Estate, Los Angeles

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I don't care about weddings. Really, I couldn’t give two fucks about them. It’s photography that I’m interested in, and people, and people that appreciate photography.

So the enquiry - Hi, do you shoot weddings in America? - without doubt, put a huge smile on my face. If people are willing to fly me to America then clearly I'm doing something right. It also  makes me realise that I’m not mad, and this road less travelled was the right road to take. Then I discover that wedding was for quite a well known couple, Steven Yeun & Joana Pak.  Steven, who plays the character Glen Rhee in The Walking Dead, and Joana, a photographer in LA. 

No pressure there, then.

Usually when I go somewhere I haven't been before, Helen & I will make a trip of it and spend a week or so kicking around and exploring, but with this being California we embarked on a 2 week road trip - From San Franciso, down the coast through Big Sur to Los Angeles for the wedding, and then onto San Diego before flying home. All of which was fabulous.

The wedding was in LA, with Joana and bridesmaids getting ready at the Ace Hotel, DTLA  and then on to the ceremony and reception at the Paramour Estate

Luckily - and with huge thanks to Steven & Joana for agreeing - I can show you a few of the photographs from the wedding.


Fiona & Richard - Tate Modern & Wilton's Music Hall

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Fiona & Richard were married in London earlier this year, and it was fabulous, understated, and just a bit stylish.

A Friday evening gathering was hosted at Tate Modern, followed the next day by the ceremony, food and dancing at Wilton's Music Hall. The oldest music hall in the world, I'm told.  Without doubt, one the coolest places I've shot a wedding. The (purposeful) part renovation really makes it feel as though you'd stepped back in time when you walk through the doors.

I was also told, on numerous occasions, that Richard was a keen and very excellent photographer. No pressure there then....... But, given what I had to work with, I couldn't really do any wrong. 

It all just worked, perfectly!

Coco & Cameron - The Morgan Family Home, Perthshire

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It's not often that as a photographer you are given an order of service and told to join in. Well, the Vicar of Madderty Church insisted. I can't say that I sang very well but I certainly did it with gusto.

Coco & Cammy were married in Madderty Church, Crieff and then spent the rest of the day back at the Morgan family home laughing, drinking and dancing with their family & friends. It was ace, and hectic and hilarious, and did I mention dancing, lots of dancing.

Apart from the smooth jazz band and the late nigh rock n roll band, the father of the groom is in a ceilidh band. I'm still a bit baffled as to how a marquee full of people instantaneously knew what to do and didn't break any bones whilst hurling each other around in such a small space. I escaped with minor cuts and bruises, but I'd go back and do it again in a heartbeat.

Cheers Coco & Cammy, it was a blast!