Kim & Tim - South Causey Inn

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You could swap any of the letters in their names and it would still be Tim & Kim, or Kim & Tim, which ever way you fancy.

Laid back, funny and not too concerned about all things weddingy. There was even some swearing during the ceremony.

Lottie & Adam - Wynyard Hall

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It was December, it was a bit chilly. No matter though as spirits were high and Lottie had meticulously planned every aspect of her and Adam's day, which too her credit was executed perfectly.

The morning consisted of golf playing, hangover shaking, pampering and stories of someone trying to swim the lake at 3am. In December! Then the rest of the wedding day stuff happened.

Beautiful grounds, two fabulous and warm families and lots of love. My favourite wedding of last year.

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"a different kind of wedding photography"

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Some time ago I took some advice on how many photographs I should have in my website portfolio. 36 I was told. Why 36? I don't know, but I stuck to that for a while.

Recently I've been thinking "sod it" I can have as many as I want, it's my website and I want to show you more. 
So while my computer has been in for repairs I've had the time to search through a whole load of wedding photography and pull out a more representative view of what I do. 
Some old, some new and some never seen before, all for your viewing pleasure.

So, in no particular order I present to you,

The Photographs-"a different kind of wedding photography"

Wedding PF-11.jpg

Alice & James - Leeds Wedding

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Alice and James were married in Leeds last year. James is my girlfriends brother and I hope that I was chosen as the photographer because of my photographs, not because of my association.

The wedding was over two days, with the legal stuff on the first day at Leeds City Hall and the fun and dancing at Alwoodly Golf club on day two, where we were graced with the presence of David O'Leary (I'm still not quite sure who he is) and James was presented with a letter from Niall Quinn (I think I know who he is - it's a football thing isn't it?)

Anyway I had a great time and you can fill in the blanks below. There are a few more images than usual but it was a two day wedding so I can be excused......

Boudoir - Middleton Lodge

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I see a lot of photography, I'm always checking out photographers, and only because I'm interested.

Interested in discovering something new, interested in discovering something different, but most of all I'm interested in finding something inspirational. 

In doing so I'm delighted and appalled in equal measures, as I suppose a musician that listens to other music is. It's a mix of, wow I wish I'd thought of that, and how dare they call themselves photographers. But that's a discussion for another time :)

My point is, is that some of the worst photography I see is Boudoir. Trashy, unappealing garbage, and the only reason anyone may like it, is that the poorly exposed and very badly edited images are of girls in their underwear, or less, and that alone doesn't make it good.

So here is my take on Boudoir Photography, and a little bit of Lottie's. It was a collaboration of sorts, and one that worked very well I think.

Well, you decide......

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The shoot was at Middleton Lodge who kindly let us do we wanted for the afternoon.