Anna & Ben - The McQueen Family Home, Hutton Rugby

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I've documented so many great weddings this year already it'd be hard to say which was my favourite.

Should I have favourites? Well, it's inevitable, with each one having it's own merits for individuality some will subscribe to my mind set more than others.

I think that this wedding has just nudged into first place. 

Anna & Ben are cool - even though it was 35º and barely a cloud in the sky - laid back and two of the nicest people I've ever met. Their families and friends were warm and welcoming and I truly could have been a guest. 

From the subtlety of Anna's Wedding Dress to the endless entertainment the detail shone through to produce one hell of a party, and their guests certainly stepped up to the challenge. 

If you're a football or music fan you're probably going to spot some familiar faces too.

Jolly good show.

the dress -

the banjo guy -

the brass band -

Steph & Gary - Crook Hall, Durham

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Don't you just love it when you book a Wedding, become friends with the Bride & Groom, you go out for drinks, you go to their house, they come to your house, you also become friends with their family & friends, you go on the stag do and your girlfriend goes on the hen do, you get a mention in the speech (well, that's a given), they have their reception at their house, you're automatically invited, your girlfriend is too, and you have to get a taxi home because you've drank far too may 8% Belgian beers. 

Yeah, me too.

But now I've been paid for my services, that's it Steph & Gary. It's over.

Kidding. Not kidding. Kidding.

Sarah & James - Allerton Castle, York

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Photographing a Wedding is like a day off for me. I don't have to think about anything other than making photographs.

No emailing, invoicing, accounts, estimates, editing, processing or tiding my office. And I don't get any anxiety about not doing that stuff because I can't be anywhere apart from where I am. Even then I'm not thinking about anything, I'm just going with the flow, and sometimes I'm genuinely surprised by the results.

You see, all of the study, the understanding and analysing is done before, and after the wedding. From the first press of the shutter to the last press of the shutter it's a bit of a blur, an intuitive and spontaneous blur, that over the years has become more and more refined. And because of that refinement I find myself meeting people like Sarah & James.

Two of the most grounded and nicest people I think I've ever met.

From singing Beatles songs at their ceremony, to the hilarious best men speech, to the late night dancing, there was a lot of love at Allerton Castle that day. 

I know it's a bit of a cliché to say that it's an honour to be able to do what I do and to be invited into peoples lives on their wedding day, but sometimes it really is. 

Kim & Tim - South Causey Inn

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You could swap any of the letters in their names and it would still be Tim & Kim, or Kim & Tim, which ever way you fancy.

Laid back, funny and not too concerned about all things weddingy. There was even some swearing during the ceremony.

Lottie & Adam - Wynyard Hall

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It was December, it was a bit chilly. No matter though as spirits were high and Lottie had meticulously planned every aspect of her and Adam's day, which too her credit was executed perfectly.

The morning consisted of golf playing, hangover shaking, pampering and stories of someone trying to swim the lake at 3am. In December! Then the rest of the wedding day stuff happened.

Beautiful grounds, two fabulous and warm families and lots of love. My favourite wedding of last year.

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