I’m a former lecturer on Photography History and also delivered beginner photography classes at the Visual and Performing Arts College, Sunderland.

I’m a working successful photographer who has amassed a number of awards and accolades over the years, I’ve been interviewed by numerous industry podcasts and have been featured in many online and print publications.

I’m not showing off, I’m just letting you know that you are in good hands. Although I predominantly photograph weddings my education programs are for all photographers who want to be better, who want to understand their craft and who want to be free from the shackles of the industry. 

I believe that all photographers can benefit from not just understanding the equipment they use, but by understanding more about photography itself. My programs are not quick fixes to success, they are a guide to understanding what photography is and how you can apply yourself to it. 

I like to think of it this way: If you are a practicing musician you will no doubt start by learning other people’s songs. With practice you’ll progress and be able to play more complicated songs, and that’s all well and good. You will go on to amass a catalogue of songs that you can play and you’ll impress your friends and family. Again, all well and good. But here’s the thing, all you are really capable of is playing other people’s songs, and to some extent no better than any other guy or girl in their bedrooms doing the same thing. They are impressing their friends and family, who to be fair, will mostly know nothing his about music. The X Factor is proof of this argument!

I get that people just want to be able to play a little, to mess around a bit, but that’s not going to make you stand out among the millions of others who are doing the same thing. What will make you stand out is if you mature, if you decide that other peoples songs are not good enough anymore, if you understand that as an artist it is impossible to express yourself through the work of others. 

You will then start to learn your scales, and that’s where the magic happens. 

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I am not a Wedding Photographer - 06-10 April 2018

What if you could be free from the constraints of the industry and just be yourself, shoot the work you’d like to look at and not be constantly chasing the next new trend in the hope of super stardom? What if you could be a photographer, an artist, and be hired for your vision rather than for your price? What if you could just be you…. Submissions are now open!

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The industry will have you believe that it’s only professionals who can use a camera in manual mode. The truth is, even as little as 40 years ago, the most amateur of photographer understood the basics of exposure. 


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International School of Photography

This isn’t just photogrpahy education, this is a movement.

4 days of learning, 3 months of support.

Information coming soon.

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Weekly podcast hosted by myself and Bradley Hanson. Featuring industry guests we discuss photography's history, present and future (minus the ass kissing) going where no other photography podcast has gone before!