View from the Window at Le Gras - Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, 1826

View from the Window at Le Gras - Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, 1826


International School of Photography

We are not going to show you some techniques to be ‘authentic’ in your story telling. We are not going to show you how to win awards or shoot to get published, and we are certainly not going to pretend that we have the answers to accelerate your business.

This is photography education as it should be, about photography, about you, about the business. 

Building blocks to discover your own path, because we can’t tell you how to do it. What we can do is give you the tools, the understanding of what photography is. Your commitment to these ideas and this philosophy, we believe, will determine your success as a photographer, and that success will be measured by factors other than fame and fortune.

Tips, tricks, techniques and templates will forever keep you in the dark about your own potential, and will keep you on the merry-go-round of photography industry madness. You will never find your own path and will be constantly chasing the next big thing, the next new trend or the new popular photographer.

Quite simply, you will never be yourself.

Proficiency comes in many forms, from camera operation to knowledge of your craft, each as important as the other and the more proficient you become, the more purpose you will have behind every photograph you make.

Unsurprising, then, all we require from you is dedication and hard work. 

International School of Photography Autumn 2018 will be open for submissions soon

Spring & Autumn 2019 dates to be announced 

The foundation of this programme is Photography History, a subject that I not only hold close to my heart but a subject that I believe is the single most important aspect of becoming a photographer who can stand apart, of becoming a photographer that is not bound by titles and rules enforced by the industry, of becoming a photographer who is free. To understand your history is understand your now, and to understand your future. It gives you perspective and it gives you a solid base to begin your own journey. 

You will be equipped to have your own ideas, and the idea supersedes the aesthetic, every time.

I think that there is a problem, and that problem is, “Workshops”

I mean workshops that are delivered by ill educated, misinformed individuals that have no experience, giving advice to (paying) people that don’t know any better. The workshop giver that has no portfolio to speak of, no business apart from workshops, and is offering a quick fix to success……. The workshop giver that is fooling people into thinking that there is a substitute for hard work, determination, and failure, as is doing nothing more than praying on the weaknesses of others for their own gain. That’s what really gets me.

We have to find our own way, and if we start off in the wrong place then you may never find it. Ever. The industry, and systems in place are designed to keep you coming back, to keep spending your money in a never ending loop of trends and popular techniques. 

As a former lecturer on Photography History it pains me to see so many people being led up the garden path, to be fooled into thinking that there is an easy answer.  The whole,”Shoot to get Published” or “You’re a Rockstar” or “Smoke Bomb Prism Super Awesomeness” (Ok I made that last one up…I think) is wearing a little thin, and I think there needs to be a change. 

I have no love for academia either, which is why I’m a ‘former’ lecturer. Universities and colleges are delivering content in a paint by numbers fashion, ticking boxes, and are not exploring the philosophy of photography. There is no room for experimentation and their methods, and understanding of the industry, are outdated. 

Not everyone agrees with this philosophy and that’s ok, there isn’t a one size fits all approach, but the idea of understanding your history, understanding where photography came from, having a knowledge of who shaped photography and their reasons for doing so will make your relationship with photography stronger. And the stronger your relationship with photography, the better the photographer you will be. 

Figuring out the ‘why’ fundamentally changed me a human being and saved me from myself. 

This is not just photography education, this is a movement! 


We want relaxed, and we're looking into locations world wide. This will be our first venue -


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